Creamer Machine

High speed cream sandwich for biscuits with Horizontal flow wrap On-edge
Cross Conveyor machine.

Fully Auto Two-Line Cream Sandwich Machine with Slug Loader, Top Transfer which can be synchronized with Flow Wrap Cross Conveyor Machine
Standard Features of Creamer Machine

1. Two Line Creamer Driven by Servo Motor System.
2. Hoper with agitator and auger, both driven by individual geared motor and controlled by PLC through frequency drive.
3. Positive displacement cream pump, driven by geared motor and controlled by PLC through frequency drive.
4. Cream transferring piping arrangement.
5. Stencil arrangement with rotary dispenser for accurate cream deposition
6. Slug loader for stack creation and driven by Servo motor system.
7. Top transfer driven by Servo motor system.
8. Actuator auto dropping of stack into inline flight bar conveyor of Horizontal Flow Wrap Machine.
9. All S.S. parts will be S.S.316.
10. Biscuit shell in chute will be through vibratory feeding.

Creaming Machine synchronized with lane Multiplier passes through cooling tunnel integrated with flow wrap machine through Chicaning conveyor / numerous feeding system to pack pile of biscuits in pillow pack style with various configuration 2 X 2,   2 X 3,   3 X 2,   3 X 3.

Technical Data
  • Speed :- 1200 sandwiches per minute
  • Packet length :- 65 – 250 mm
  • Product height :- 70mm
  • Power supply :- 415 v ac, 50 Hz with neutral and ground
  • Total power :- 15kw
  • Machine weight :- 4500 Kg approx
Optional Features of Cream Sandwich machine.

1. Fully Servo Controlled model available.
2. Auto Sensing and rejection of Empty and Joint packet.
3. Automatic wrapping reel splicer.
4. Auto web alignment.
5. Auto rejection of spliced packet rejection.